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2018 Technology Showcase Recordings

All through May and June, we appeared in 8 cities for 2-day conferences tackling the latest challenges in technical 3D design. Sessions covered fabrication, drawing tips, and electrical.

For those of you who couldn't make it, watch the recordings below.


Fabrication is the foundation of many mechanical designs. SOLIDWORKS has great tools to help you be successful in your fabrication design & manufacturing.

Starting with Sheet Metal and Weldments, see how you can get lots of necessary information from our design easily. How about flat-wraps or torch patterns for complicated pipe connections?

Do you want a way to make variations of your design easily? We'll show a few Engineer-to-Order techniques that will allow you to add a little automation to your tasks while gaining efficiency and consistency. Have castings & forging in your designs? Come see how you can make the digital world reflect what your shops do.


Are you new to the SOLIDWORKS community? If so, you might be overwhelmed, don't know where to begin, or you might not even know what you have!

See what is included in your SOLIDWORKS software package and learn how people are using it.

See our Tips and Tricks segment to uncover some SOLIDWORKS secrets and tools to help you work more efficiently and design your products right the first time.


See the comprehensive design of rackmount electronics, from PCB design to Electrical system design (wiring/cabling) and thermal simulation (both FEA and CFD) of the entire system, including boards, all wiring/cabling, fans, etc.

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If you’d like to continue learning and mastering your SOLIDWORKS design skills, let us know. We have everything from self-help tutorials and webinars, interactive online training, classroom training to customized sessions taught onsite at your location. Let us know how we can help.